Popping Boba Passion Fruit

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Bubble Tea Popping Bobas with a delicious core of passion fruit taste - a fruit experience of a very special kind.

Bubble tea popping bobas with a delicious core of passion fruit flavor - a very special kind of fruit experience. Each pack contains 300 g popping bobas with the passion fruit flavor.

All of our bubble tea products are freshly packaged and sealed airtight. Resealable packs guarantee the preservation of the aroma.

Bubble Tea Popping Bobas are weighed and delivered together with the liquid.

Keeps refrigerated for at least 4 weeks.



Water, sugar, passion fruit syrup, calcium lactate (E327), seaweed extract (E407a), malic acid (E296), passion fruit flavor, coloring (E102, E110), potassium sorbate (E202)


* Risk of choking for children under 3 years, children with 4-7 years are allowed to consume these products under the supervision of the parents.