What is Bubbletea and what makes it so unique?

Bubble Tea or also known as Pearl Milk Tea is the new trend drink from Asia. Bubbletea is prepared like a milkshake on the basis of sweetened green or black tea. The special thing about Bubbletea are the colorful balls of tapioca and the popping bobas, colorful pearls with a liquid filling. These are sucked up over a large straw and burst in the mouth. In most cases, bubble tea is served ice cold, but there are also warm versions.

How does Bubbletea get its name?

Bubbletea is the translation from a Chinese word, which originally owes its meaning to the way in which tea beverages are prepared. Various ingredients such as tea, milk, sugar and ice are mixed together and shaken until a foam forms on the surface. The drink, which is now called bubble tea outside of Taiwan and China, is actually called "pearl milk tea" in Chinese due to the added pearls. So it originally had nothing to do with these balls, as most people suspect. In Asia, these pearls are also known as bobas.

Where does Bubbletea come from?

The cult drink was invented in Taiwan in the 80s, originally containing only fruit syrup or puree - no tapioca pearls or popping bobas as we know them today. Back then, Bubbletea was particularly popular with school children. In the 1990s, this trend spread to the western United States. There are now numerous Bubbletea cafes and chains in Australia or in many parts of Europe such as Germany or Austria.


What flavors are there?

In the meantime, there are numerous flavors and countless possible combinations. Popping bobas, jelly balls with a filling of flavored syrup, which burst when they bite, are very popular. But also the tasteless rubber-like tapioca balls can be dipped in different beverage syrups to get a fruity note. The original Bubbletea is drunk from large plastic cups with colorful giant straws.


What does Bubbletea-House offer?

At Bubbletea-House you can order original Bubbletea ingredients and accessories cheaply. We also offer for small quantities. This gives you the opportunity to prepare your individual Bubbletea at home

  With our different sets, not only newcomers to Bubbletea, but also real connoisseurs and professionals can demonstrate their creativity - also perfect for birthdays, parties or simply as a gift.

  Let your imagination run wild and create exclusive Bubbletea flavor variations at home with our ingredients.


What are the advantages of bubble tea made at home?

The advantages are apparent:

1. You have all the ingredients in front of you and decide which ones you want to use.
2. You can create your own variations according to your taste.

3. The amount of ingredients can also be dosed yourself.
4. Many criticize that bubble tea is too sweet. According to our recipes, you can determine the degree of sweetness yourself.
5. Preparing bubble tea yourself is much cheaper.

How long is the shelf life of the Bubbletea ingredients and how should you store them?

 Basically, the syrup and bobas should be stored refrigerated. These have a minimum holding time of approx. 4 weeks in our unopened packs. Furthermore, it is not recommended to store them in the freezer as the taste and consistency could be lost.

At what age should you be able to drink bubble tea?

 Young children run the risk of choking on the bobas. Therefore, children should only be allowed to drink bubble tea from the age of 5.