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Give away pleasure. Whether friends, relatives, acquaintances or business partners - with our Bubble Tea gift set FRIEDNS you show your good taste. Our lovingly assembled bubble tea gift set comes in a gift box and is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, parties or just as a small thank you.


- 250g syrup mango or passion fruit (subject to availability)

- 300g Boba strawberry or raspberry (subject to availability)

- 300g Boba Mango or Passion Fruit (subject to availability)

- 100g bubbletea milk powder

- 100g green tea

- 12 straws

- 12 bubble tea cups (500 ml)

- recipe





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Popping Boba strawberry Popping Boba strawberry
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100 g = 2.13 €
Delivery weight: 330 g
Popping Boba Passion Fruit Popping Boba Passion Fruit
5.90 € *
100 g = 1.97 €
Delivery weight: 330 g
*Price excluded shipping
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